This is the birthday reflection of my Brother Kiet, (SSS Scholastic Seminarian, under the Vietnamese Province), enjoy reading and be inspired with his reflection – Lk 12:54-59.

Heraclitus is an ancient Greek Philosopher. There is a famous word tospecial moment characterize his thought about the fundamental essence of the universe that “no man ever steps in the same river twice.” For him, every thing flows; everything changes and nothing remains still; so everything is always new. Today is my birthday – the 29th anniversary. Twenty nine anniversaries are different from each other along with various situations, even myself main person in the anniversary is different too. This birthday likewise is the second time I celebrate in Philippines.

Many people say that ending of year is the special moment for looking back themselves about all things happened in the life during whole year. Through this, they recognize what they did – good or bad; successful or unsuccessful so that they will learn from experience; then they plan for the coming year and attempt to gain many good things. This is not wrong. For my own opinion, however, the birthday is a special moment as well in which I examine myself. I recognize I am growing up day by day about physical and mental aspects. And I know that the life is so wonderful. There were joys and sorrows, happiness and sadness happened in the last whole year. Each day passed with each lesson I learned. 365 days are 365 lessons. I see I am so small in this world as a drop of water in the ocean or a grain of sand in the desert. I am nothing to be proud of myself. I don’t know what will happen to me or what is waiting for me tomorrow. Maybe today I am good, I am holy but tomorrow I will be bad, will be sinful; or maybe today I am bad, I am sinful but tomorrow I will be good, will be holy. Saint Augustine said, ‘there is no saint without a past, no sinner without a future’. This word is so meaningful and gives me much more hopefulness. I just know that I must always be humble and keep in prayer.


In the Gospel today, the Jews are proud of predicting weather conditions just looking at the skies. Even they do not know about science and technology, they can tell when rain is coming or when a hot day is to be expected. But this talent of observation seems to fail them when the events concerning Jesus and their own salvations are in question. They do not have problem to examine the signs of their times. But Jesus sees through their inability. He calls them hypocrites – they perceive and know the meaning of signs of Jesus such as preaching, miracles, and proclamation of kingdom of God but they pretend not to understand them because they do not want to make a decision. They do not accept Jesus as the Messiah of God. They refuse to be converted and reject the gospel and its values. Besides that, Jesus gives people a way to resolve their conflicts among themselves. It is better to make agreeable settlement than to go to court. In the court cases, their situation is getting worse and worse. It also means to tell us that we have to be reconciled with God before we die, before the judgment day; but we do not know when God calls us to depart from the earth, so we need to be reunited with God always. Happily in the Eucharist, we celebrate the mystery of love, of forgiveness and of reconciliation. Originating in One Bread, One Body we are reconciled with God; moreover we are also settled any conflict each other. Amen. (October 23, 2015, Friday)


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