I have been a very disobedient son to my parents. All I know is that my reason for not obeying them is better compared to their own reasons. Most of the time, I do not want what they request me to do. I want to do the reverse.

obedience 2

The VOW OF OBEDIENCE allows me to really surrender my total will to God by being obedient to my superiors; taking the superiors’ directions as God’s will for me. It is to imitate the example of Jesus Christ’s submission to the Father’s will. The virtue that I found inside this vow is the virtue of humility. I can never be obedient (on religious life perspective) without at first struggling to be humble. My mind and understanding may significantly oppose to what is being asked of me. And this vow of obedience does not limit and never intends to limit my own freedom; rather, it frees me to great extent.


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