More than a month from now, I will be consecrated to live in the vow of chastity (celibate state). I need to accept that I will be forever single, no wife, no children, yet I do have many good and close friends, not exclusive (particular friendships and relationships). I need to detach and not to cling from them. I can easily let go, move on and say goodbye to anyone at any time since my vocation and mission are now my priorities in life. My identity as celibate is clear to me realizing that Christ alone is my True Treasure.


The vow of chastity is not meant that I cannot get married or have sex; this vow does not simply restrain me to love someone special, rather the vow of chastity gives me the freedom to love, that is, to love wholly without limitation everyone in spite of of distinction.

This vow of chastity frees me to love. This love should be trustworthy. People can trust me because of my vow of chastity without being afraid of abuse or their love taken for granted. I fail to live up to the vow of chastity when I fail to love others. Talaga palang may FOREVER!


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