Theologian, my personal perspective

“You are not a Theologian, stop calling yourself Theologian…at present you are only a student of Theology.”  This was the statement of one of the professors of our class last school year that led me to reflect and to check myself.

Theologian for me is a Christian who studies Theology, who applies the faith he believes.  He is a person who follows the teachings and commandments of God. A Theologian knows how to find God in every event of his life. One of my struggles in responding to the Holy Calling is the academic aspect.  For many times, it leads me to think why I am studying Theology. Do I have the interest with the subject?  The comprehension of some teachings is not easy to grasp.  Why am I studying? Before, I was the one teaching and instructing the students. But now, I am back of being a student.  During major exams, what I had reviewed and studied I brought them into prayers and asked God

why the books I read were hard to understand or comprehend? Praying –Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus (hoping that He comes now so that my difficulties in studying will end).  What motivates me to study Theology is my thirst of knowing deeply the Person that I am following.  Another one is that, I am studying not for myself but for the other people.  They are the Church I will be serving in the future.

To be a Theologian I must think like a Theologian…act like a Theologian…my being Theologian starts now…


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