The Prodigal Son

After the life of Jesus Christ – which is unquestionably the greatest story ever told – comes the story of the Prodigal Son, which I consider being the greatest short story in history.  Each of us can easily identified with its characters: an ungrateful son who wants to go alone, an older brother who quick to judge others but slow to recognize his own failures and a forbearing father who waited for his son’s return. The Parable of the Prodigal Son gives us a most beautiful description of our heavenly Father.

God loves us unconditionally.  The older son could not even understand how great love is.  While the younger son came to his senses.  He realized the father’s love when distanced himself from his father.  For many years, my life depends on my parents.  Now, I am living here in the formation house, far from my parents. I realized their unconditional love for respecting and supporting my decision to respond the holy calling.

God forgives us.  The father in the parable waited everyday for the homecoming of his son.  When his son returned, he did not give a long sermon; he hugged his son and easily forgiven.  Our God is a God of endless chances, I always failed Him for the same sins I always committed but He remains a forgiving Father who always understands my limitations.

God shows us the way to life.  When the prodigal son chose his own way of life, he was not able to stand on his own.  What he realized he was that empty and meaningless without the father’s love.  Likewise, my life is meaningless without God, for He is the way, the truth and the life.


The real winner in this story is the father.  Like our God in heaven who saw no evil in his children.  God loves us unconditionally, forgives our sins and shows us the way to life.  God’s only joy is finding a child He did not expect to see again, love really conquers all.


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