When a window closes…a door opens…

“Class, let us pray…Amen…Goodbye and thank you class…Goodbye and thank you
Mr. Cruz…”


Three years. Twenty one sections. Five days a week. These numbers are very significant to me. I loved teaching. I loved my students. I loved the classroom and the exchange of ideas and the growth and the development and the progress I witnessed every time I am engaged with my students . Having been a Teacher for three years, I have heard and read many sayings that relate to the teaching: “To teach is to touch a life forever,” “A Teacher preserves the past, reveals the present, and creates the futures.” (Inspire for Teachers, Br. Josie Carr). March 25, 2008, the day I left the Espiritu Santo Parochial School. As I stepped out the gate of that beloved school, my tears started to fall. Yes, reality bites, I am not a teacher anymore, I said to myself. At that time there were many things and experiences which came rushing back to my memory: the meaningful lessons I have also learned from my students, the warm acceptance of my colleagues and the confidence I have earned from this profession. After that, I put behind all these memories for me to continue my priestly vocation. I both value my profession as a Teacher and my Priestly vocation. But I rather choose the Priestly vocation for I feel I am called to answer a deeper voice lurking inside.


Now, I am one of the courageous gentlemen who is responding to the holy calling. At first, I was asking myself if my decision is right, but I didn’t find the answer alone. I did not find any right answer from myself. Through my daily conversations with God, it made me realize His plan for me and that my decision is worth living for. He wanted me to be a Teacher not only to the four corners of the classroom but also to be a Teacher and Preacher in the education of life in a space larger than my classroom. This is my humble response to the emerging call to be with those who are hungry for the word of God. I might have left my classroom, yes, but I have gained a venue to be a teacher in the school of eternal life.


4 thoughts on “When a window closes…a door opens…

  1. Erika dela Cruz

    namiss ko nmn bigla ang first year of teaching k..ikaw, c jessa, glo, kuya dan, edlin, kwin, grace at marami pang iba..reality bites, that someday we are going to part ways, and yes we had, but the friendship is still there and will forever be!
    we were called and we were chosen..and you are chosen for a greater call..a call that not all can respond to but you did it!Goodluck Father Rael..Godspeed..

  2. andres g. malawis

    ganoon talaga. may dumarating, may mananatiling nakaraan; ngunit parehong mahalaga upang maging mas matibay ang paglalakbay.

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